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Enjoy the All-in-one Graphic Tool FotoJet and Use It to Play with Your Photos

Today, we can find a lot of graphic tools on Internet but some time it may be difficult for us to find the right one we want to use. Also we may do not what to install too many tools on our computer, so an online tool can be a better choice. If you have such thought, and now I have to recommend FotoJet to you, FotoJet is an all-in-one online graphic tool, and you can use it effective in any browser without need to download it to your computer. What you need to do just open https://www.fotojet.com.

Edit foto dengan FotoJet

The multi-function graphic tool is made by photo editor, graphics designer and collage maker. The editor can help you make up for photos’ shortages which made when you take photos and can turn your common photos into wonderful art works. No matter you are familiar with how to use FotoJet or not, I believe you will fall in love with it in a few minutes for what you need to do just choose, drag, and click and some very simple operations. You can use the editor to crop, resize, and rotate your photo, also you can adjust its exposure, color, sharpen, dehaze, noise. What’s more, you can use the focus and color splash to highlight the certain parts you want to stress. 

Edit foto dengan FotoJet

If you want more things to beautify your photo, you can add effects, overlay and frame.

There are many kinds of effects you can use; they are Black & White, Sepia, Vintage, Chromatic, Lomo, Old Photo, and Scene. You can directly use any one of them by one click, and you can adjust its intensity. 

edit Photo with FotoJet

Overlay can make your photos look dreamful and more amazing. There are a few kinds you can apply, such as bokeh, light trail, cute, montage, space, burst, paper, fabric and paint. You can not only adjust its intensity but also you can change its blend mode, you can choice from screen, overlay, multiply, hardlight and darken. Also you can rotate & flip the overlay. 

Aplikasi FotoJet

Last one but not the least one, you can add frame to your photo if you need. You can choice one from border, shadow, classic, Polaroid, edge, modern, film and grunge. Of course, you are allowed to get multi-use of them, if you want to do so, just apply them one by one. Adjust the thickness is allowed, as for the edge, you can also change its border color and background color. 

Edit foto dengan FotoJet

The FotoJet can also help you to design all kinds of social media covers and banners, like Facebook Cover, Google+ cover, YouTube Thumbnail, YouTube Channel Art, Poster, Flyer and so on. You can finish your work in a very short time, for all the templates here are embedded with suitable images, text, clipart and some other elements. It’s flexible to customize your creations with photos, texts, online clipart images, lines, shapes and other elements. DESIGN mode, will allows you to unleash your creativity freely to make gorgeous photo designs and then save, print or share to social platforms!

With collage maker, you can make your photos into classic collage and creative collage, at the same time you can make all kinds of cards and misc. Creative collage templates offered such as Modern Collage, 3D Collage, Photo Card, Magazine and so on. To create a collage, you just need to choose a template/layout, easily add favorite photos, and apply other elements like texts, clipart images, shapes and background resources. Then you can save, print or share your works. 

Edit photo with FotoJet

Tips: you can use FotoJet to make text and clipart into watermark by adjust opacity, also you can add outline and glow to your text.

In design mode, you can search images and clipart from internet to use. At the same time you can save your project so that you can edit it next time or load your project to your computer.
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